is there any hard drive that have either digital coax or optical digital connections so that my material that is downloaded c

is there a hard drive with either digital optical or coax connection to run to my surround sound amp? my email address is
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  1. A hard drive is connected via SATA power and data cables. I think by hard drive you mean Computer, and there are many that support digital optical or coax.
  2. Most new motherboards support digital optical output for connection to a surround sound decoder box as part of home entertainment setup.

    But it depends on the motherboard you have.
    The Optical output can be found if the board has one.
    On the back set of connectors of the pc case.
  3. If your object is to play music on your surround system receivers with DLNA built in can access the files over the network. If you want to play movies and music locally then you can use a Western Digital TV media or many other media boxes that the drive will connect to with USB and give you HDMI or HDMI and optical audio out depending on the box. The box will have a remote and sometimes an app to control it.
  4. I think You want to play audio files from a hard disk.
    You do need a device (called a High Definition Media Player, HD Media Player, or a HDMP) to do that. It will also connect to a TV, so You can see what You are asking it to do via the included remote control.

    eBay has hundreds of them.

    You will need to decide what kind of display You want (VGA, HDMI, etc.) and read the description carefully to make sure that one comes with a SPDIF (optical audio) output.

    An eGreat R300 would work; I have one, but they are expensive.
  5. If You give me more specs, I could narrow it down. Do you mean an internal 2.5" SATA hard drive, an internal 3.5" SATA hard drive, or an external USB hard drive?

    What screen do You want? Built-in? HDMI? Composite? Component? VGA? DVI? 90% have HDMI connectors, and many have Composite connectors as well.
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