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I just got my new monitor ASUS VS247 and I have linked a DVI cable to it, because the hdmi's I have are quite old and I don't know if they will be good as the DVI. So my question could I connect the hdmi just for audio so I could use the headphone jack and continue to use dvi for video?
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    I believe you may be able to plug in the HDMI and then switch the monitor to DVI, then go to; Start> Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Sound, and then change the default playback device, that should allow you to have the audio through the HDMI, while using the DVI as the video. Hope it helped!
  2. An HDMI is just like a single link DVI with sound. There will be no difference in quality unless your HDMI cables are broken. Since your monitor is 1080 if you want sound for the headphone jack just use the HDMI.
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