how to take photos off a non powering harddrive

I hav an 80g hard drive with my baby's pics on it i took it to a pc shop an they said nt possible to retrieve the pics they said they could not power it so i need someone that can and i pay good if anyone cn there important to me
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    Assuming you don't want to attempt this repair yourself (which I wouldn't recommend if you don't know what you are doing.) you would have to take it to a professional hard drive repair company. This can be extremely costly (think a couple grand) Google is your friend.
  2. You will need to take/send it to a data recovery specialist -- typically these specialists are used by the corporate/business sector, and that means it costs a small fortune. I've never used such a service so I can't give any recommendations or addresses.

    Too late now, but you should have saved backup copies on a second hard drive or even on DVD-R media.
  3. You need to go through a data recovery service it will be costly just do a search on line for data recovery. There's an artical on this website about such a company.
  4. Thank you. I will try data recovery on line
  5. If there is no power, sounds like the logic board is toast. Might only cost $40 for a new board and put it on yourself or pay your local shop to do it, although them giving up that easy, I don't knowif I'd go there. lol.
  6. Well the shop was ran by polish it was only shop in area am gona try something off net bin googling all day tryin to find someone that could sort it out
  7. depending on the drive a straight board swap might not work u may need to transfer firmware from patient to donor some suppliers not hddzone include this service for free if u need more help u will need to provide more information until you do that nobody can help u
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