Computer freezes every few minutes

Pretty straightforward problem. For some reason, my computer will randomly freeze every few minutes for about 10 seconds. Usually a reboot will fix it for a while, but this has been happening constantly. Also, when the freezing starts to occur, the mouse pointer becomes super weird and delayed. Like when I hover the mouse over a link, it won't go into the hand pointer, but then when I take it off it does go into it. Here's my build:

MSI 970A-G46
AMD Phenom ii x4 965
Nvidia GtX 550 ti
12 GB Ram
Windows 7

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. test your hard drive. what brand hard drive do you have? Western digital has data lifeguard and Seagate has a tool called Seatools.

    I also suggest using memtest 86+ to test out the RAM as well.
  2. Check your temps.
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    check your task manager for any background processes that don't look right. if your hardware check comes back with no new findings, its likely that the issue may be a background task eating up your computer resources. antivirus programs like to do this. as do any streaming game services like steam or origin where it can auto update.

    the other possibility, if you aren't PAYING for antivirus, is that you have a virus, as they like to eat your system resources as they are spreading malicious code. while this doesn't seem probable if you have any antivirus program, its still a distinct possibility.

    check the hardware. could be a failing component or improperly timed memory, etc. i would venture to guess its more software related though. could be a corrupted driver trying to work itself out, a partially installed driver, startup programs that no longer exist on the system, etc.

    if your hardware comes back okay, run a virus scan, and maybe a registry cleaner of some kind.
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