AMD A10-5800K Running Too Hot?

I literally just checked the temps of my CPU after I installed a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, and they are idling at 40-50c, and sometimes jumping to 70c! I'm wondering, I had to kind of push the mounting bracket down really hard to get the screws in of the cooler, so could this be a problem of too much force on the cpu? Also, I used the stock cooler master paste that came with the cooler, and I used 90% Isopropyl alcohol to clean the old amd stock paste off the cpu after I took off the stock cooler. I used Speccy and HWMonitor to check the temps.
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  1. too much paste is a common problem

    but your temps are fairly close ti being in range even if the idle is a little hot 65 C wont be a problem
  2. I used the "line method" to apply the paste. A tiny bit squeezed out the side at one point. All surfaces were clean when I joined the heatsink to the cpu heatspreader. But one other problem: according to AMD, the max safe temp for my cpu is 75, and it can jump to 80-90c while playing Skyrim and sometimes even Minecraft.
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    I just put this cooler on my FX-8120 yesterday and a small amount of mine went on the side of my CPU as well but I used the pea sized dot in the center method and I idle between 10 and 13c and when under load 22-28c. Maybe redo the thermal with a different technique, that's what I would do at least
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