HDMI looks like crap, need some guidance

Okay let me give you a run down of what i'm talking about.

I recently acquired a Elgato Game Capture HD to capture PC gameplay. I also bought a HDMI to DVI-D cable to make sure that i could still use my normal monitors.

But after having this all set up, for some reason all sepia related color are very jagged. Almost unable in any game that mostly uses sepia related colors.

This is the current setup to my monitor:
An XFX AMD Radeon HD 7870
Using the card's HDMI out to the Elgato's HDMI input
The Elgato's HDMI Passthrough output to my monitor's DVI input.

1 thing I want to mention before I post this, is that if I go straight from the HDMI out on the card to the DVI input on the monitor there is no sepia loss/jagged edges. I have scoured the highest montains and lowest valleys of the internet for a solution but can't find anything that helps me.

Before I go out to buy another 24" monitor to setup a eyefinity desktop to hopefully get rid of this things passthrough nightmare. I want some help on if its the passthrough of the device itself or if AMD's CCC software is screwing me over.

Also when i plug the Elgato into my card it see the Elgato as the primary display not the montior attached to the Elgato. Which makes me think that it displaying something different to the Elgato than it would if it was just the montior plugged in.

Thanks for reading,
J. Grizz
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  1. Re-Install the drivers.
  2. udg said:
    Re-Install the drivers.

    RE-install CCC or the display drivers?
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    CCC is just the control centre you don't even need it, TBH if there is no problem when you plug your PC straight into the Monitor and the problem only occurs when you have it going through the Elgato Game Capture HD then the problem will prob be from the Elgato Game Capture, but with all things computer related the first thing you always do is make sure you have a latest drivers.

    I don't know if Elgato Game Capture requires any drivers but if it does make sure you have the latest driver for that also.

    I don't own a Elgato Game Capture but you could also try changing the picture quality to see if that fixes it.
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