does flashing to new bios cancel warranty

Hello all,
EVGA 780 classified
the LN2 Bios on the card is a flashed/modded bios. Will EVGA not honor the warranty now?

It's the skynet ln2 rev2 bios, and OCs core to 1100.

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    It depends on the terms of your particular warranty, but I wouldn't suspect a warranty to be voided normally. Barring any technical issues, you can always flash back the previous BIOS. Just make sure you back up the current, working BIOS, before making changes, and it might help to understand the procedure to repair the card, in the case of a bad BIOS flash.
  2. Hi

    If your graphics card stops working and on RMA the bios is found not to be one approved by manufacturer I don't think they would replace it under warranty

    It is possible for a driver to cause a graphics card to burn out due to not running fans at correct speed for thermal load,
    so the non standard bios could have similar harmful effects.

    Mike Barnes
  3. negative, the ln2 is made for flashing. as long as the original bios is detected on the classified, evga will honor the warranty. hell, you can even remove the stock cooler and throw on an ekwb block, use the classified voltage tool app to push the core to 1.35v, and run 1400-1500mhz on the core, kill the card, and again, as long as the bios switch 1 has the original bios, they will honor the warranty.

    people on the classified forums over at have well confirmed this.

    this is why evga is king and no other board partner comes close to warranty or customer service.
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