Computer will not boot! 1 short beep 1 long beep!

I looked up the beep sequence and it came up with "memory problem" so I made sure my ram was in snug and it was and I also checked if my HDD was in snug, which it was aswell. I need some help and any would be greatly appreciated. (Please don't link me to a stickied thread of things I can try, I tried its solutions, they did not work.)

8gb ram
gtx 650 ti
xfx 550 pro
I just put in new parts, before I had put them in it worked fine. The problem is not the PSU or the GPU I am pretty sure.
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  1. Until you can prove other wise, I'd stick with the memory clue.

    What happened just prior to this?

    There is no easy way, or list of symptoms that will help much.
    Testing is the only way.
    I've seen the same symptom be several different causes, over the years.

    The first would,, check all plugs and cards, as you did.
    Then I would either test your memory in a working computer, or I would try known working memory in your computer.
  2. Millwright you wrote that as I fixed it! It was the memory, somehow while installing 4gb of ram one of the sticks that was pre put in (When I bought the computer) had come loose, I fixed that up and this time I made SURE they were all tightly fit. Now I am sitting here on startup repair, I am not sure why.
  3. I've had bad memory corrupt the hard drive before.
    Maybe loose did the same thing.

    If you want to be sure, this is very reliable.

    For a more exacting test, one stick at a time
  4. Hi, I do not think that the ram being loose has caused a hd to become corrupt. However my keyboard will not allow me to input anything on the bootup screen, cant go into safemode, cant use the arrow keys, I know its working because when I get to the startup repair it allows me to use the keyboard. It asked me to restore it to a previous point but I didnt. I regret that decision since it hasnt asked me again since the first time. I cant get into the computer so that site won't help but thanks anyways.
  5. But wait.
    Is this a USB keyboard?

    Dose it have a ps2 keyboard plug.

    I see it doesn't.

    Can you get into the bios?
  6. I have made it onto the computer! Sorry for not updating. The resolution is all off now, but I assume that is a driver issue. I had a hd radeon 4200 but I cant seem to find out how to uninstall its driver. :[
  7. System Restore can be accessed manually.

    All programs
    System Tools
    System Restore.
  8. Video driver are usually under, "programs and features"
  9. I dont need a system restore any longer, since I am past startup repair. I am just trying to install and uninstall graphic drivers to see if it fixes the resolution problem.
  10. System restore can roll back driver to befor you had a problem.
  11. I do not want a older driver, I need to uninstall it completely. I want to use my native resolution of 1920 by 1080 but right now I can only go to 1200x1024 for some unknown reason that I think is linked to my drivers.
  12. Then as I said above.
    "Video driver are usually under, (programs and features) "
  13. I have uninstalled the drivers, installed new ones, it asked for a system restart which I did, now my pc is giving no video output. Have any suggestions? The connection between the pc and monitor is fine, as it was working right until I restarted the computer. I dont even see bios.
  14. Not sure as, and computer will run on VGA drivers, with no other drivers installed.

    Try another reboot.
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