Question about overclocking with a Z75 mobo

I recently built my first PC with an Asrock Z75 Pro 3 motherboard and an i5-3570k CPU. I only bought the 3570k because it was one of the cheapest i5s I could find, but I had no intention of overclocking. I may want to in the future though, but I've heard that the Z75 motherboard I have isn't for OC. So I have two questions:

1. If I decided to, could I overclock with the Z75 mobo, or would I have to get a Z77?
2. If I had to buy a Z77, how easy would it be to switch out with my current motherboard?

Sorry if these seem like simple questions, but I'm new to the PC scene and am still kind of unsure of what I'm doing.
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  1. You can overclock on the z75 motherboard, but if you wanted to switch motherboards it's really like lego for big kids. Just youtube a tutorial on how to do so.
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    the only big differences between z75 and z77 is the lack of extra pci lane control, as well as lack of inter smart response stuff (has to do with hard drives)
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