Need a new Graphic Card for Gaming on 1440p

I'm going to soon be buying a 1440p monitor, and am debating on what card I should get. My build I plan on getting Soon:

I was debating whether to get a 780, 770 4gb, or a r290, what do you guys recommend for High to Max settings, I will SLI in the future. Or is it a good idea to wait for the 800 line up. The only thing is it need to have it by June.
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    the gtx 780 is a very good card for 1440p and you could sli later on
    you need a 4gb version because you will take a loot of vram to run that
  2. Go with the 780, nvidia made better products this generation compared to amd.

    The 800 series should be here by June.
  3. Both good answers, I thank you.
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