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I just transfered data from a hdd that was in my laptop to another (from smaller to bigger) and then tried to remplace the smaller for the bigger. The new larger hdd with the data is detected by the computer, but doesnt let me access it. it telling me to reformate it to let me access to it, but there is good data on it. i dont want to delete the data on it. what would be the trick for this. thank you.
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  1. How did you transfer the data?
    What about the operating system?
    Dose the bigger drive boot the computer?
  2. Sorry for the missing information. My laptop got three hdd. I got a ssd as my operating system drive. Then my second is my drive for program and game. Then in third place i got my drive that got data of all kind. I plugged a fourth drive through a usb to sata and power supply to the laptop to transfere the data from the small (IN THE LAPTOP)to the big (outside the laptop) then after a few hour of transfere i switched the hdd to put the bigger in the laptop with the freshly new data. Then when opening windows it appear in my computer but when triying to explore it it ask me to reformate it. I dont want to lost ma data. Thank you
  3. When it is plugged into the adapter, outside the computer can you access all the data.

    What dose 'Disk Management "Show

    What operating system.
  4. I havent unplug it from laptop to try it back with the adapter. In the disk manager it show me two partition that i never made all empty. One whit the letter f and the other letterless
  5. Windows 7
  6. Then there is probably no data there.
    Is this a new drive?
    Do you still data on the small one?
  7. No it an used hdd. And no the data was cit paste
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    ok so to put it on update, i again open up the laptop to take off the hhd with the data and the used a other adapter to plug both hdd into the laptop through usb, the data on the larger drive is within like i did. so without really gething the trick i was looking for i will manage to get my data back in the first hdd then plug the larger one back in the laptop, format it, then retransfer the data again in the reinstalled hdd. But still this thread was to find a way to re-enable a hhd with data plug in a new computer without it to be formate. thank you.
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