What kind of HDMI card do I need for a compaq presario with an AMD Athlon II, windows 7, and 64 bit?

New HDMI card for computer.
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  1. There's no such thing as an "HDMI card" and you just can't add-on HDMI if your computer didn't already come with it.

    There are USB-to-HDMI converters, but I have no idea if they work well.

    If you have a DVI port you can use a DVI-to-HDMI cable, though.
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    Is this a question about hooking up to an HDTV?

    If so, buy any card with an HDMI output. If you need a gaming card that's a lot more complicated as you may need a better Power Supply as well. Otherwise and HD6450 is an example of an inexpensive card (make sure it does have HDMI output).

    Then you have to set it up properly:
    1) CCC (Catalyst Control Center)
    2) HDMI setup-> 1080p_NTSC@60Hz (typical)
    3) fix OVERSCAN
    4) change AUDIO OUTPUT to HDMI

  3. There is nothing such as a "HDMI card". Most newer GPUs already come with a HDMI output. If that's not your case then use a DVI-HDMI cable. Cheers!
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