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So I finished putting together my new build ( however I'm having trouble getting it started. When I push the power button the cpu and gpu fans kick on for a second and then turn off, then turn on, then back off a second later... and repeat, and all I have is a black screen. I can't seem to find the problem I've made sure everything is connected and at this point I've even taken the motherboard out of the case and put it on the box with just the USB, power switch, and motherboard power plugged in as I've seen suggested elsewhere. Any ideas?
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  1. A 500W psu with a gtx700 may be the problem. That's a pretty low supply for such a high end graphics card. Try starting it up with just integrated graphics.
  2. I've already tried it without the graphics card and it didn't work.
  3. Sorry if it's a dumb question, have to ask, when you tried integrated graphics, did you actually remove the GTX 770 from the motherboard?
  4. Yes, and no worries it's possible it's something simple I'm missing.
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    Hopefully it is something simple!

    Here's a good checklist to cover all the bases:
    "No POST", "system won't boot", and "no video output" troubleshooting checklist
    "No POST", "system won't boot", and "no video output" troubleshooting checklistThis checklist is a compilation of troubleshooting ideas from many forum members. It's very important to actually perform every step in the checklist if you want to effectively... Read More
  6. Well I feel like an idiot, I just went back to check everything out and noticed one of the ram sticks was loose I went back and pulled it out then put it back in and everything is working fine now. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Great news! Enjoy your new system
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