Should I buy a new cpu or gpu?

My PC build is:
- i3-3220
- GTX 645
- 330w PSU
I'm considering upgrading my PC, but I don't know if I should upgrade my CPU to an i5-3570k, or if I should upgrade my GPU to GTX 660. Which choice offers the most increase in performance?
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    Do you want a gaming machine? Upgrade the GPU. This would also require a new PSU (to at least 430W).

    The GTX 660 is more than twice as fast as the GTX 645, and the GPU is more important than the CPU in most games.
  2. Looks like you need a psu upgrade first. What motherboard do you have?
  3. Upgrading your PSU as mentioned is a good start. Where do you want to improve performance? Gaming, CPU intensive stuff (like rendering), etc? Narrowing that down helps the rest of us with recommendations of where to upgrade first.
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