2 x 60Gb ssd better than one 120Gb

I'm trying to decide if I should get 2 SSD (60Gb each) to run OS on one and programs (e.g. Adobe publishing) on the other; or 1 x 120Gb SSD and put both on that.
I would imagine the price will be slightly different, but will it be faster with two?
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  1. Don't get the 2 60GB SSD's

    A 120+GB for OS and applications, and other large spinning drives for mass storage.
    Generally, larger driver are 'faster'.
  2. There will be a larger drive (HDD) for data as well.
    So here are the two options 3 drives - 2 small SSD and one HDD or 1 large SSD and one HDD.
    Just wondering if all will run faster if the OS and applications run on separate SSDs
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    As USAFRet mentioned you would be better off to go with the 120GB SSD and one HDD. I run most of my applications off a single SSD which includes the Adobe Suite and the load times are great. I have not noticed a performance gain (the apps don't load any faster) for the few applications I have installed on a second SSD.
  4. Thanks. That certainly helps.
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