IS 8 GB's of ddr3@1600MHz enough for next gen gaming without needing to upgrade

PS4 has 8GB's of unfied GDDR5 clocked at 5500mhz. if you cut the vram you'd still have 5/6 GB's. and whatever sony says about 3.5GB's reserved for the os is crap. no way does that os use 3.5GB's. I've used up both my memory slots and have no place for upgrading memory capacity. will 8 GB last me until ps5 or should I get a ew mobo and upgrade to 16/12gb?
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    Considering that we in the PC community have been gaming in "next gen" for 2 years (our GCN GPUs hit in 2012) then yes it will be fine. Now if devs start to utilize the true power of the PC it might not be enough in say the 10 years Sony will want the PS4 to last but it will last till the next PC gen comes around.
  2. .If you are speaking about 8GB for a PC , yes it is enough . PS4 and XBox1 have 8GB . .
  3. I'd say 8gb (ddr3) is the recommended RAM for gaming. No game will use 16gb of RAM.
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