Imac with Fusion Hard Drive- HD Setup for video editing

I just ordered a new iMac with the following specs just for video editing:
27" iMac Quad-Core Intel Core i7 3.5GHz
8GB RAM - upgraded to 24GB
3TB Fusion Drive - I got this setup with the 3TB fusion for a good deal due to the fact that it was an open-box, otherwise I would of went with a SSD.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780MX with 4GB of GDDR5

My Question is, due to the iMacs single internal hard drive capabilities, what would be the ideal hard drive setup for editing with Adobe Premiere?

Example, if I was to run the setup below

3TB Fusion: OS, Programs, Parallel
6TB Lacie Raid: Video Storage/Media Drive

What should I do for:
Project Files -
scratch disk -
cache -
exports -

I have been doing research on this for the past week and I cannot seem to find an answer that doesnt involve me investing in $2-4k 6-8-bay raid system.
Although I do have plans on investing into a arc-8050 raid system, right now I would rather allocate that money to other aspects of my business.

As of now, I own, a 1TB OWC USB 3, Multiple OWB FW-800 Externals and a couple of seagate 2-3tb desk HDs.

Also, I am already familiar with the standard guidelines for disk usage which is in the link below, disk speeds, etc. I have noticed with other people that have asked similar questions, only received answers that a related to computers with multiple HD bays.

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    Well the imac has 2 TB ports and 4 USB3 port for you to attach drives to.
    You already know what disk arrangement you need and what you have available to connect them.

    personally I'd be tell you to get a few TB drives but them are not cheap so USB3 should tide you over until you can an areca.
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