MW2 Teknogods lan setup - 2 pc on same network and 1 pc over internet

Hi Everybody

I was wondering if you can setup a lan ( for MW2 teknogods and other games ) that you can play over the local network and people, not on the same network, can to connect over the internet?

The reason why i ask is because we usually organize a lan at friends house and have no problem with that setup, but there is also friends that would like to connect over the internet to that lan.

I have tried Hamachi and that work fine, but not everybody wants to install hamachi as it messes with their internet connection. And haven't found a way to use Hamachi for both Hamachi users and non hamachi users to lan together. I have not tried Tunngle.

Is there an easier way to setup a computer to host a game so that local players can join and players over the internet?
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  1. You can use a router to connect all of your local friends to your network. Then go to your command prompt, use ipconfig, and give them the IP you see. That will allow them to connect to your server. As for the guy over the internet, you will need to open specific ports to allow him to connect (just google MW2 teknogods port forward). After you do that, you need to find the IP of your router, since the guy over the internet isn't in your network, he wont be able to connect to the IP found in ipconfig. So just go to, and give him that IP. He'll be able to connect to your server from there. I hope I summed this up pretty good cause it's real late here and I'm kind of tired.
  2. Hi PCgaming98

    Thanks for the reply.
    Can you please specify what ports needs to be opened?
    I searched the internet and found these.

    And then i just want to know more about the guy over the internet connection.
    Usually with teknogod you will open your lan launcher and connect to the server over local lan.
    Will the guy open the game and use the ip that i provided to connect? or should he do something else?

  3. Back when I used to want to do this with a friend for TeknoMW3, I opened ports 27015-27018.

    And the guy over the internet still would use your router's IP. He can't use your local IP (the one found in ipconfig) because he's not in your network, so it would only time him out).
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