Clean Install onto SSD because I broke my registry

Specs(What I have):
1TB HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 w/ Windows 8.1 and lots of junk
128 GB SDD Samsung 840 with just junk
Available is Sandisk Ultra 16GB USB 3.0
Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4
What Happened:
Well I ran a few RegCleanups (RegCleaner pro and then Free Window Registry Repair) and screwed up my whole UAC (It doesn't allow me to do anything).
Not just UAC is screwed, apparently I can't do anything with Google Chrome in terms of adding extensions nor can I run steam (Steam.dll non-existent)... etc. I feel like I screwed up big time.
I also ran System restore like for 1 day back (today is 28th, ran a system restore for 27th) and it seems that the problem wasn't entirely fixed nor fixed at all. If you know an easier way to maybe completely restore my registry (I don't mind losing everything, since I acquired everything digitally) then feel free to suggest it, mainly I thought that if it would come to this then it would be easier to

What I think is the best to do(if u have an easier problem solving suggestion feel free to suggest):
In past I've tried installing my Windows 8 through USB onto my SSD with no luck at all (Through Boot-Setup). Said that partition didn't exist or something. Worked only for my HDD.
So I don't mind losing absolutely everything that I have on my PC, as I've already backed up the most important stuff that isn't broken. Problem is I don't have a DVD ROM, nor Do I have my USB image file any more. So I have to make a new USB with Windows 8 or maybe clone (if it makes a new registry), but I don't know exactly how this works.
I intend to format my HDD right after I get a fresh clean install of Win8 on my SSD.
I was thinking maybe you guys could offer me a solution to my problem that would require the least effort since I haven't found much on the forums that could prove useful to me.
I still have my key for Windows 8 handy though if it's important to know.
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    If you have access to a PC with 64 bit Windows, d'load an ISO from
    Windows 8 Installation Media
    Save to desktop

    Software to set up your Flash Drive

    Scroll down to 'Download YUMI'
    Insert your Pendrive and note it's Drive Letter (Important!)
    Run the software once downloaded
    Select the correct Drive Letter
    Scroll down the list of Distros to 'Windows Vista/7/8
    Browse to the location of your ISO (Desktop)
    It should look something like this

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