My motherboard has SATA 3 Gb/s ports. (SATA 2?) So it is OK to buy SATA 3 HDD? It is worth to buy SSD or 7200 rpm?

My motherboard has SATA 3 Gb/s ports. (so I think its SATA 2)
Only the cheapest options directly fit that specification and I do not really want that.
It is OK and worth to buy SATA 3 drive?
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    The Sata 3 HDD will work the only disadvantage is that you won't get the full speed of SATA 3 because it is at 6GB/s and the motherboard runs at 3Gb/s. So you will get half the speed of it.
  2. That ^ is actually not an issue because there is no hard-drive out now that is fast enough to use up the full speed of SATA 2 even. If you look at the benchmarks here , the top drive does not even reach 500 MB/s speeds. The "Consumer Real-World Benchmarks" part.
  3. Thanks all. ;)
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