Making an GPU upgrade to make my rig work fine a bit more

Hello, I may need an advice about upgrading my veteran ASUS GF 250GTS 1GB to keep my rig working for a few more years before changing it completely.

My PC looks like this:

CPU: AMD Phenom 965 x4 ( best cpu ever tbh :P )
Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD/USB3
RAM: 8 GB G-Skill Sniper 1600
HDD: 2x Hitachi HDD in Raid 0
1x 2TB WD HDD for storage
PSU: 650W CoolMaster

I'm using 2 displays both in 1920x1080 resolution.
I use it mostly for gaming and some work related webdesign, corel draw/photoshop releated stuff.
Budget: ~<200$ less is better cuz my wallet still has post Xmas trauma

Thanks :)
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  1. For your budget the R9 270 or the R9 270 will be good.
  2. gameboy1998 said:
    For your budget the R9 270 or the R9 270 will be good.

    Isn't R9 270 a bit of power overkill :[ or it's rly worth it with the setup I'm running ? I had this card in mind.. but wasn't 100% sure about it.. cuz if I would have same "results" with a ~~100+$ card due to my cpu/ram slowing R9 down it and crippling overall performance
  3. I've seen a guy on YT running a R9 270X with a Phenom II X4 965, and it certainly wasn't bottlenecking his system.
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