Problems with new RAM sticks in two different motherboards.

Hi all,

I'm having 2 problems with 2 different motherboards and the new memory sticks I got for them.
In both cases the old memory stick was fine, but I wanted to get new, faster ones, and also get two sticks for dual channel memory for each motherboard.

1) DFI LanParty BI G41-T33B:
When I replace the old stick with the new ones the screen would stay black.
No Bipping sound from the motherboards, like it makes when it can't recognize/support a certiain memory stick. everything seems to be fine EXCEPT the screen would stay dark.

I tried placing just one of the sticks or the other but nothing helped and the problem remains:
with the old stick - everything is fine, new stick(s) - screen is black.

I replaced the old stick with two news. but only 2GB are rcognized. I checked the BIOS(it's not a windows issue, only 2GB are recognized in the BIOS). and in one of the BIOS Setup pages it says something like:"Installed Memory size: 2048 Usable Size: 2048" I'm not sure if it means there's room for 2GB more or that I filled the max capacity... I checked the motherboard model in asus' website and also the CPU-Z report and the capacity should be 4GB as far as I can tell.

Thx in advance, ZBBZ.
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    DFI LanParty BI G41-T33B
    This G41 chipset motherboard is in the category of supporting unbuffered non-ECC DIMMs only. Probably because ECC DIMMs are not supported as they could potentially exceed the current limitation of the memory voltage regulators.

    Your new ones are listed as being ECC (Error-correcting code) memory.
    Crucial Technology CT2CP25672BA1067 4 GB (2 GBx2) Unbuffered ECC DDR3-1066
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