What can I do with USB 3.0 ports that I can't do with USB 2.0 ports?

Question of above. The case I'm looking at hasn't USB 3.0 ports, however it has 2.0 ports.
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  2. to be honest, nothing really. They are like a bit faster if you have a usb 3.0 flash drive and then you will only see the difference if you copy 2 or more GB of data at a time. You are not missing anything by not having them.

    If I had to chose between a case with 2 front 3.0 ports or 4 front 2.0 ports, I would pick the case with 4 2.0 ports.
  3. Its a difference of bandwidth, so its only "faster" (its really more like wider once you look into it) than USB2. Functionality wise its the same.
  4. Thank you all! Well, the case I'm looking at, has four USB 2.0 ports, and it hasn't any 3.0 port.

    And which are the devices I can use only with USB 3.0 and not with 2.0? I wonder.

    Tiny Voices:
    Thanks for your reply! Indeed, the case I was looking at has four USB 2.0 ports!

    Huh, that isn't a "big problem" actually, is it?
  5. Here is a link that makes it pretty simple to understand and explains better than I could.

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