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Do you really need to worry about its weight stressing the mobo? I noticed a few people mention the weight of it.
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  1. No it's fine. There's nothing to worry about.
  2. you should be fine, I heard of people crying a river about it online too just nitpicking every little real life I have literally NEVER heard of a legit case of a heatsink being too heavy for a mobo and breaking it...just BS
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    One of the Tom's Hardware System Builder's Marathon Builds had issues supposedly caused by the Noctua NH-D14's weight, but this was the exception, not the rule.

    The main worry about the extra weight on the motherboard is to be careful when transporting your CPU - and the same rule can apply to video cards. They can be quite heavy as well.

    If the weight was a truly serious problem, there wouldn't be a market for the product.
  4. I own the Noctua and the Phanteks NH-TC14PE and the boards handle them with no issues.
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