Data safe if temporarily remove all drives from RAID 5 array on Asus mobo?

First my apologies if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure whether to go for storage or motherboards - bit of both!!

I am using an Asus P9X79 mobo with 1 SSD connected to the intel SATA controller (C:\), 1 spindle drive connected to the second intel sata controller (D:\) and 4 drives connected to the non intel sata controller in RAID 5 (E:\).
I need to replace the SSD and want to temporarily disconnect all drives apart form the new SSD whilst re-installing Win7 Pro.

Is it safe to disconnect all the RAID drives and then reconnect them once I have installed win7 on the SSD? I would also reconnect the single spindle drive, before reconnecting the RAID drives.

Should I disconnect power and SATA cables, or would just disconnecting the SATA cables be enough? I would label all cables carefully to make sure that they were correctly re-connected.

I really appreciate some experienced input on this as i don't want to muck the RAID 5 up!!

Many thanks in advance,

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    As long as the SSD isn't part of the raid there really shouldn't be any issue.
    But why are you disconnecting things you dont NEED to disconnect?
  2. Many thanks for your quick reply. The SSD isn't part of the RAID.

    I tend to disconnect any drives apart from the SSD, to make sure that Windows 7 Installation doesn't install the windows 7 boot partition on another drive, and installs on the correct drive. I have seen some odd things happen over the years, and I think it was Jaquith from this forum who wrote a very detailed and interesting installation guide, which I have often referred to along with one by a guy called Sean which also offers a lot of ideas and tips. (

    Maybe I am being overcautious!!
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