I have Dell 760 Core 2 duol (3.16) SFF4Gb Ram.Its builtin VGA is intel family chipset (Q45) having memory of 1248 Mb.i

I have Dell 760 Core 2 Duo (3.16) SFF
4 GB Ram.Its built-in VGA is Intel family Chipset (Q45) having memory of 1248 Mb.

I need to buy an average graphic card for that system,
Want to know which VGA will be Compatible & be good for my system ??
I also want to know is that system is OK for gaming Or should i replace it ??

And what would you say about HP XW 6200 (Intel Xeon 3.0*2) instead of My dell machine
for gaming ??

i.ll be waiting for your answer.
I really need your guidence & help.
Thanks in advance
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    both are pretty bleh options for gaming.
    But GFX wise, this would be pretty good:
    This would be better if you can afford it:
  2. Both will work but I wouldn't necessarily call the HP a direct upgrade. As for graphics card option's if you are going for a higher end low budget card I can recommend the one below. It will outperform the GT 640 and you will get the added bonus of Mantle technology when it's finally used.
  3. get a hd7750 and a core 2 quad
  4. Core 2 Quad upgrade may not be possible in the Dell without a motherboard and power supply swap. They have 2 different boards they ship with that system one supports only dual cores and one supports quads.
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