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For awhile now, my computer has been randomly freezing from time to time, but it is always able to recover. (message pops up saying that windows corrected a memory issue). However, last night for the first time when I was trying to start the game 'Starcraft' my computer went black like it always does right before the game screen pops up. However this time, it just stayed black and about 10 seconds later the computer restarted itself. I tried to load the game again, and it worked fine... I am just trying to figure out what may be wrong? Computer still temporarily freezes often.
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  1. You did not list any system specs, is this a gaming system? Overclocked? Heat issues? Could be heat, power supply, motherboard, RAM, video card, several other things that need to be looked at.
  2. Yes, it could be multiple issues. Your system maybe over heating and could be a loose wire for connected from your power supply. We need more info but these things do happen from time to time.
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    Step 1 is always to remove any overclocks.

    If the problem still persists or you don't have any overclocks then download and create yourself a memtest86 disk and then run it, if possible run it overnight. If you get errors then its a memory issue. Make sure your bios is set correctly for the memory you have. You will need to check the specs for your ram to do this.

    Good luck.
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