Which is the best looking GTX 770?

I'm getting a large window with the case i have ( corsair 350D ) but i don't know which GTX 770 to get... preferably a one with I'm going to SLI so it HAS to look good.
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  1. This seems like it's up to personal preference.
  2. Yea, this is all up to your personal preference. Although I personally own MSI Twin Frozr model, I think the EVGA model looks simple and cool. Ultimately however, it should be about the spec and not the look. Be realistic, there isn't going to be a tour group coming in to your room to be amazed by your pc case.
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    if you get the asus cu cooled version they will last longer too.
  4. I'm a fan of Galaxy HoF Edition GTX 770 cards. Nice white PCB and cooler to contrast against black cases. Aesthetics are always personal preference.
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