Best Graphics Card For dell optiplex 745 small form

Basically I am a complete noob at this kind of thing. Plus i'm on a tight budget all i know is this is what I've got and need to upgrade the card. just want to run basic games, mine craft age of empires II tf2 any advice would be great thanks.
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  1. I have an OptiPlex 740 DT and I put a Dell Radeon 7570 in it. It runs stuff like Skyrim etc great. Is yours just a normal SFF or a USFF, as the USFF usually don't have a PCI-e slot.

    Also, don't get a Dell card from Dell, as they SERIOUSLY overcharge for them.
  2. Can't open the computer at the moment but had a look at images and it's most likey a SFF
  3. Which CPU?
  4. I ran dxdiag that's how you get all the PCs info right

    System Model: OptiPlex 745 Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
    I'll post the rest if needed
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    Yeah, about the same CPU generation as my 740's Athlon 64 X2. I would go for a low profile 6570/7570/6670/7670. I would avoid any 'silent' cards, as Dell's stupid decision to put a large heatsink on the onboard graphics chip, which is right next to the PCI-e slot, means you have to choose a card with a slimline cooler, which sadly means most silent colling cards just wont fit, as their heatsinks are too big and hit the onboard's Dell heatsink.
  6. Thanks for the advice mate ill look into it
  7. Dorking said:
    Thanks for the advice mate ill look into it

    You're welcome.
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