Do stock PSU's work for gaming ?

I bought a case today to build my PC , and it has a power supply with it . It's a 500 watt PSU , with the name of CiDev ( An Israeli manufacturer ) , what I notice about it that it has only 1 front facing fan ( Like normally you have 2 fans , one going to the outside , and one in the bottom of it facing the inside of the PC ) .
I'm wondering , will it work ?
Note : My PC specs are :
i3 2100 ( No OC )
Sapphire Radeon 7770 1GB ( No OC )
6 Gb's of RAM .
Thanks for your time !
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    It should work. 500W is plenty for your setup. The fans don't really matter, as long the PSU stays cool and it's not too noisy. I've had excellent PSUs with the fan blowing to the back and other excellent PSUs with the fan blowing downwards, for example.
  2. It will work, although the reliablity is slim to non. You would be better of buying any 80 plus certified psu than using that :D
  3. I never had luck with a cheap PSU. The power will probably be enough for what you're running, but how stable is it going to be? I suggest getting a quality PSU even if you're not OCing. Less headaches in the long run. You can get some good stuff fairly cheap.
  4. DON'T USE IT! It is NOT a good branded PSU. U will have to buy a better one. Buy an XFX, Seasonic or Corsair branded model. This would be a really great solution for u:
    If u register to XFX's website, u will get a 5 year warranty for ur PSU.
  5. The main thing with a PSU is the amount of amps it provides on the +12v rail. Better name power supplies will have better quality parts and last longer , also important is the certification whether it's Bronze , Silver , Gold or Platinum will give you the best percentage of it's rated power.

    A lot of PSUs have one fan and it's the manufacturer that determines what it takes to cool the PSU.
  6. Guys, I agree that Seasonic and Enermax rock, but recommending a $136 PSU for a $126 GPU feels wrong somehow...
  7. aevm said:
    Guys, I agree that Seasonic and Enermax rock, but recommending a $136 PSU for a $126 GPU feels wrong somehow...

    A powersupply is for the whole computer, and it can also kill any/all parts of your computer if it's bad quality and decides to ruin your entire month.
  8. All great answers ! Really thanks !
  9. @RevolutionHD: please do not pick a solution on other people's threads. Let the OP pick the answer he finds most useful. If he picked a solution and you disagree, feel free to post more arguments and try to convince him. Don't just override his choice. You risk being banned if you keep doing this, you know...
  10. @RevolutionHD , if the OP has selected a Solution then leave it , if you disagree start your own thread for answers that you want or post that there may be a better solution and that the OP should reconsider.
    At the very least you can contact a Moderator to take a look and decide if there is a better solution.
  11. Yes but it isnt reliable try this one.

    I bet this could even work although if you ever want to upgrade go with the top one.
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