Yet another Eyefinity question...

Ok guys, I have a question about Eyefinity...

I have 2 XFX R9 270x 2GB Gpu's in CF

Currently I game on my 42" 1920x1080 LCD TV and have 2 22'' monitors (one acer and one dell both 1680x1050) that I currently use for work with the 42 mounted above for gaming with a 360 controller.

So my question is... Would it be worth re arranging them so that the 42" is centered and the 22" monitors standing vertically on each side (same height as tv when vertical) to use eyefinity? My PC should be more than powerful enough to run it, I'm just curious to know if it would be worth it. I wouldent have to spend any more money to do it (the 22" monitors are from old builds).

Let me know what you guys think...

Pc Specs
AMD Phenom II x4 @ 3.9 GHZ
2 X xfx R9 270x 2 GB in CF
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  1. Well it really won't make any difference since first of all the monitor's do not have the same specs so the gaming resolution might not be the same throughout the screens. Also the two screens are significantly small compared to the 42" so you would not want to extend the desktop on the smaller ones since you will end up having an asymmetric image. I personally wouldn't bother with it...

    Hope this helps!
  2. Yeah thats what I was concerned with... but the 22" monitors stood vertically next to the tv are the same height so I wasnt sure if I could get a decent picture out of it
  3. Best answer
    The side ones would have to be set at the same vertical res, so would be 1050x1080 but eyefinity doesn't support plp. There is workaround if you play in windowed and set a custom res but cf doesn't work in windowed.
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