Windows 8 reboot loop since norton scan error. No more mouse pointer and extremely laggy


I just finished building a pc and installed windows 8 oem edition. I started installing all my drivers and accepted the norton antivirus free trial. When I logged on internet norton started a scan and froze on some error message. At the same time the computer started being extremely slow. I endend up closing the app with the task manager and restarted the pc as it was so slow. Now booting up takes a few minutes and my mouse pointer is not appearing on the screen anymore. The pc is extremely laggy and after a few minutes I get an error saying the pc needs to restart. Now it's just a loop. What happened ??
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    Norton came with your WIndows 8 Disk? first time i've heard that. Try starting on safe mode and uninstall NOrton (crappy antivirus anyway) and see if that fixes your loop. If none of that works, just reinstall windows :)
  2. Hello, Norton did come with my disk. How can I reinstall windows with my mouse ?
  3. Just insert the WIndows 8 disc and reboot (it will automatically take you to the set up prompts and follow it from there)
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