Is 1066 RAM bad? I can get 1066 EEC for cheap... which I assume means i'd rather have 1333 or higher...

Simple RAM question from dude ordering a lot of wrong RAM
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  1. it really depends on your motherboard.

    not all motherboard support ECC memory. ECC memory is usually used on serve motherboard.
  2. No, 1066 mhz ram is not bad.
  3. It depends on your board.
    The newest boards 1600 is standard, and any higher is considered overclock memory.

    The last generation 1333 was standard, and 1600 and up was overclock

    Then there is Cas, Latency,among each speed.
  4. For a NAS w/ an i3 3220, wouldn't 1333 or 1600 mean the server would run faster?
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    Any computer runs faster with faster RAM.

    I would at least get the fastest that your board uses without overclocking.

    Unless you are overclocking the CPU, there is no need to have overclocked RAM.

    One other thing That you see with RAM specs is Cas Latency.
    You will see the first number of 10, 9, 8, 7.. The lower the number the faster the RAM.

    In other words 1600 Cas 7, is faster that 1600 Cas 8

    As the Cas Latency goes down the price goes up

    The whole Cas Latency number is expressed like 9 9 9 28

    or a slower one 11 11 11 28.
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