Will this graphics card fit on my motherboard

I am thinking of buying the SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 OC WITH BOOST but i don't know if will it fit on my motherboard.

My case is an: Aerocool GT Advance USB 3.0 White Edition

I want to know another thing can i make dual sli, crosfire and triple crossfire on my motherboard (Asrock 970 Extreme4), because i went to the amd website and i saw that the chipset only allows for one card and doesn't allows more and that's is strange since the motherboard has 3 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots for more 3 graphics cards.
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  1. The speed difference for 2.0 and 3.0 is almost completely non existent. The 2.0 bandwidth for PCI express hasn't even been saturated yet. So go for it, you'll loose nothing by having only a 2.0 PCI lane. And any GPU that is PCI 3.0 is backwards compatible.
  2. thanks, and will this graphics card fit on my motherboard as well?
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    It will :)
  4. thanks everyone i tested it and it fits :D on my case
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