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I cant get online at all. I have a belkin router given by time warner cable. And I need to change my ip address. I can't even log into my internet. Help me. I'm trying to play ps3 online and can't sign in. My whole internet is shut down. Because some dude booted me offline.
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  1. What do you mean some dude booted me offline.?
    I find it hard to believe.
    Maybe the service is down in your area.
    Or you forgot to pay the bill.

    In any case just power the router down and let it re boot.

    If you suspect someone hacked the router.

    Because it was not secured with encryption for wi-fi.
    or you never changed the default user and log in name to enter the router menu.

    Simply remove the power from the belkin.
    Look for a small hole that has the words reset above it.
    Find a pin to fit in the hole.
    Turn on the router/ belkin.
    Push the pin in the hole and hold it in for 10 seconds.

    Release it and the modem will factory restore.
    Anybody who hacked it or messed around.
    The settings will be cleared.

    I am presuming it is optical cable and not ADSL of course.
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