Acer Aspire One 722 will not boot up windows 7

Windows Error Recovery comes up after I power it up. It gives me to 2 options. 1. launch startup repair
2. Start windows normal.

I have tried both ways and nothing works. It acts like it wants to boot but then screen goes blank. Any suggestions?
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  1. Use the original windows disk or the recovery disk that came with your PC. After that boot the PC from that disk. There windows setup will start and will give you 2 options.
    1) One is to install windows again by giving you complete format options etc.
    2) And another is repair computer. Under repair choose the appropriate option and:
    • If some essential file that is related to windows booting properly is missing then it will repair that file.
    • If you have a system image backup then you can use that as well.
    • Or use system restore from there to a previous time when all things were hunky dory.

    Good Luck!
  2. There was not windows disk or recovery disk that came with my PC. Any other ideas?
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    Companies like Acer, HP, Dell etc always gives these options via recovery disks or by providing separate partition which is used for recovery. If you don't have any disks and don't have recovery partition then you need to contact Acer for further support since there's nothing you can do without Windows 7 disk from this point onwards.
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