Does dual channel matter in gaming?

In gaming does it make a difference to have 2 4gb sticks oppose to 1 8gb stick.?

How much of a performance increase is there?
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  1. Dual channel matters most for multitasking, and on just general desktop use, you will see a HUGE and noticeable difference.

    Makes a small amount of difference for gaming, most notably if you have other things in the background.

    I would absolutely go for 2x4GB - it's never going to be much more expensive and it's very nice to have.
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    Using one RAM stick disables the second memory channel.
    Using 2x4GB rather than 1x8GB doubles the memory bandwidth.
    Most of the time, this only makes a small performance difference because memory is not the bottleneck (either processing performance of the CPU or in games the performance of your graphics card are usually the limiting factor).
    Where memory bandwidth is the limiting factor, it would make a huge difference.
  3. Dual channel can provide up to a 10-15% performance increase, instead of looking at the DRAM as the 64bit device it is, it uses it as a 128bit device when in dual channel
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