toshiba laptop missing ethernet controller for win 7 x64

I "accidentally" deleted the ethernet controller drivers and ended up with no ethernet controller (no name or brand) and my Toshiba laptop will no longer connect with any LAN connection (PC on next desk with crossover cable)
How do I find out what controller and where to get it ? It is a new laptop and now has no network controller. Desperate times...stupid mistake!
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  1. You will have to use another connected computer to go download the driver from the laptop manufacturer's website. transfer it to the laptop using a USB drive or external hard drive etc.... and install it again.
  2. What model of Toshiba?

    Go to Toshiba site and insert your Model or serial number.

    It will take you to drivers.
  3. Thankyou,
    I will do that today and report back....Satelite pro 500 with i5 2.5 GHz intel and geforce graphics plus onboard. A good medium machine once I learn the idiosyncrasies.
  4. I have attempted to download drivers etc but the site will NOT accept the serial number OR part number OR laptop name...asks to check ... and check...and check.... "not valid number etc "
    What goes? Do I need to go to Toshiba australia?
  5. Yeah!!!!! I found it on toshiba Australia... and updated my bios as well! Tanks,
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