Headsets: Is 7.1 surround all that good?

I have happily had my Turtle Beach x12s for a while now. I am happy with everything about them. Lately I have heard that surround sound is a must for shooter multiplayer. I was wondering if this is true, and if so, what are the best 7.1 headsets to get? I have a lowish budget, but exceptions can be made. Thanks!
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  1. I wouldnt say MUST have, but its great.

    Turtle beachs all use stereo sound, that is in all honesty bad (P11 owner)
    Once I switched to my Logitech G35s you can instantly hear the change. The surround does help alot, music sounds better, and bass is real.
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    i have some corsair 7.1 and they are amazing, in something such as bf4 i can pinpoint enemy footsteps and when jets fly over you, you're able to know were they are (very good in dogfights) all in all i would say they are a good edition to your setup if you game a lot and want that little extra of an edge but if you are under a budget then 5.1 will suit you nicely, some games don't even support 7.1, with battlefield you have to edit some config files
  3. This answer may be a little late, but you should know that there are very few 'true' surround headphones on the market. True meaning containing more than a single driver per ear. In the case of the Corsairs and the G35s, they each use just a single driver, but achieve '7.1' through surround sound software. Rest assured, however, that studies have found that this works as good, if not better than actual discrete drivers. Because this is all done in software, any pair of headphones can be used for surround sound. You can use Razer surround for free ( go to their website and look for it), or if you've got a Realtek soundcard, it may have come with Dolby headphone technology, which will do this as well. You don't necessarily have to spend a couple extra hundred bucks on a headset to achieve the same results.
  4. i dont think that 7.1 in headphones are that great yet i have the razer megalodon they are not true 7.1 only viritual and i dont really like that, the headphones are really great and i love them both for sound and the mic is good.

    I heard that the razer timat 7.1 is really good but that the mic sucks ass thats why i did get the megalodon instead of them.

    but overall i like the 7.1 idea but so little games and so use it really
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