(Windows Boot Problem) Hot swap bay help!

The other day I had a motherboard die on me so my friend and I went out and got a new one and went ahead and threw a processor in there along with it.

So I went over to my friend's house (To install a fresh copy of windows to my hard drive) and plugged my hard drive into his case's hard drive hot swap bay to transfer some files before and it loaded it up the windows located on MY hard drive!

But now even with the hard drive out, and the boot priorities fixed in the BIOS, when you go to boot from his hard drives it says no boot drive available! What happened? All of his drives are still plugged in and showing up in the bios, have even messed with boot priorities, and reset default bios profile.

Any advice on how to get his windows back up and booting from his drive again?

Like I said we didn't even open his case, only the external hot swap bay was touched* on top of his case. That hot swap bay is connected by a sata internally to his mobo FYI.

*We can open and tinker with anything if needed.
*Biostar z77 Motherboard
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    Have him run startup repair, he may have to run it a few times.
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