8gb ram vs 16gb ram vs 32gb ram(probably not 32)

So i am building a computer for gaming, video editing, fast rendering, recording gameplay, editing/rendering gameplay, special effects, streaming, and it should probably be able to render in the background as I play a game like bf4 on mid to high settings. I know these are tough requirements but still. So for these expectations how much ram should i get?
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  1. Well it sounds like 8 is not going to be enough for you so i would go with 16. I currently run 16 and it covers all of my needs (gaming and editing) but if you have the money for 32 it cant hurt. 16 should be enough though but if you find it isn't can easily just pick up another two sticks to make it 32 so i would start with 16.
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    If the budget will swing 32GB, go for it now, ig you go 16 and find it's not enough, it's not always quite as easy as 'just grab another couple of sticks' as so many advocate, any time you mix DRAM it can be (and often is) problematic, if you can't get the new set to play with old then you have a return/RMA and have to buy a full 32GB set on top of the 16 you are looking at now....It used to be easy with DDR2 and early DDR3 and can be with lower freq sticks like 1333 and some 1600, but look through the forums, there are people posting everyday, that have used this outdated advice and are now stuck with sets that won't play together
  3. It depends, if you are using 32 bit OS then 4GB RAM is what you need and if you are having 64 bit OS then 16 GB RAM make more sense.
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