Can someone tell me the differences between this two Thermaltake cases?

I really liked the design of the Thermaltake Urban 21 case (70 dlls):

But Newegg also sells this one which seems to be the same model (the picture is wrong tho, some guy said in the comments thats the S31 picture:

Other than the wrong picture, the specifications seems to be the same but since they have different prices that cant be, anyone have any experience on this products?

I want to use it for my GTX 760 card and Extreme 3 Z87 mobo
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    Here they describe both ^
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Here they describe both ^

    Thats actually the T21 model, which looks a lot alike, but my question its about the Urban S21 and the Urban 21 BOM (No "S"), but cant find any info about it.
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