VisionTek Products AMD RADEON HD7870 Eyefinity 6 ED Graphic Card 900548

Is this GPU ok to run a single 1080p monitor or TV at high to ultra settings on games like bf3, wow, not so demanding steam titles?? I recently ordered this gpu. any feedback is appreciated
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  1. why? that GPU is more intended for people wanting to run 6 monitors directly (without using hubs). and I think it's like $350 or so, right? it would probably work fine (as fine as any other 7870 card), but seems a bit silly as a choice (the 6-output Eyefinity version).

    that's a great card for a stocks trader, though.
  2. Oh i see - well you see, i bought it off brand new for a very very cheap price, due to the owner had bought 3, so he sold 1 to me for cheap bargain. So its no different from other 7870's? other than intended for eyefinity setup like 4-6 monitors, but performs no lesser than other 7870's?
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    ya, it should be the same as other similar 7870s with 2G of ram. the core chip is the same anyways, just different cooling and more output ports ready for you.
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