Need a Dell Dimension 1100 network card. Unable to go online. Supposed to be on motherboard

I need to find a network card to be installed on the motherboard. Not able to go online for downloads. Do I go through Dell or can I get it another way?
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    The network driver can be downloaded (you can use the computer you're using now to download to a flash drive) from Dell here
    Note that two different drivers are available there depending upon hardware installed, the one on the motherboard should be the Conexant one. I'll suggest downloading both onto the jump drive, if you attempt to install the wrong driver, the computer will simply respond "Hardware not found", then try the other one. Make sure to get the drivers though as there are also diagnostics programs there that won't help just yet.
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    I will try that. As you can tell I'm not comp savvy. I thought I would need a piece of hardware physically placed into my comp. When I swap out my old comp to go online I'll let you know how it went. Thanks again!
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