Changing RAM TIMINGS!!!

Hi i am having trouble with my default clock is 2133, but i heard amd fx can't handle the speed very i decided to run at 1866...what timings should i put in....

For 2133 Timings are 11-11-11-31
Cas is 11
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  1. Will it be 10-10-10-30???
  2. It will down/tightening the timing automatically if u reduce the speed only and leave the timing in auto..

    don't need any tweak, except u wanna to tighter them more (O.C)
  3. Please ignore the previous poster's request that you put RAM timings on AUTO. You should always set the RAM timings manually to their recommended settings.

    You can try 9-11-11-27 for timings. reference:
  4. the memory have a profile stored in their stick that can be used by the board to determine the timing for the speed... it's a standard on every rams...

    u will only need to manually set timing if using the different set of rams, (when they cannot operate together automatically) or u trying to get better performance by O.C.

    Setting manually is not recommended for people who don't O.C..
    (unproper set up can lead to rare BSOD)

    since timing is not just the 4 digit.. (CL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS ) there are other will need to be set up .. Twr, Trc, etc...
    just setting the 4 digit and let the other auto is only a half done......

    please consider any newbie that may read this threat, O.C always came with risk....
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    Try the 10-10-10-30
  6. It worked!! thanks
  7. No worries, have fun ;)
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