i5 4670k With H80i running at high idle but fine under load. Any Explanation, And am I safe to OC?

Recently upgrade my comp after selling off my Asus Z87 pro and i5 to a buddy and buying the Maximus VI Formula and another i5. I re-installed my Corsair H80i using Arctic Silver for thermal paste and it seems to be running way hotter than it did before. The old one would idle at about 27-30c after the thermal paste set well at a 4.6 clock. But the new i5 will idle at 35-40c at stock speed and sometimes up at 45c. But the strange thing is the temps wont max out higher than 60c when running Prime95 small FFT, so the load temps are perfectly fine. Is this just the thermal paste not being set, it has only been 2weeks, so im not sure if i should be concerned to overclock it.
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  1. Load temps are what to pay attention to as idle tends to be less accurate.
    As long as your under 60* during prime 95 you should be fine to O.C...
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    mine runs about 60-62 at 4.5-4.7 and 1.175-1.215V running prime or aida64, with H90. so i'd (obviously) say that was no problem what so ever if those are your temps at a 4.6 overclock. if you mean at stock voltage (which with my chip/mobo is very low), i would think you either have a bad mount with your block or bad TIM application.
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