i3 3220 cpu fit Super Micro server board with Intel C204 PCH Chipset?

Hey Guys,

Totally lost on my first NAS build (actually first build of any kind). I literally have the motherboard and cpu awaiting shipment, but have concerns the CPU doesn't fit the chipset on the mobo ( Intel C204 PCH Chipset). It's not listed on the cpu site on intel as compatible, but I think it is. Please save my wallet... It's suffered enough through this... [specs for mobo and cpu below]

SUPERMICRO MBD-X9SCM-F-O LGA 1155 Intel C204 Micro ATX Intel Xeon E3 Server Motherboard (

And an intel i3 3220 CPU (

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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    According to their site the 3rd gen i3s (which is what the i3 3220 is) are supported in that board. So, yes.
  2. Thank you very much! I might be able to fall asleep now...
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