to get sound out of my computer speaks and a usb device at the same time, How same sound

I have a usb audio device and have computer speakers plugged in and I want them BOTH to play whatever music I'm listening to at the same time so it's louder and I can move both around or whatever. My computer only lets me set one to default. Isn't there a way I can set them both to default or something, just so they both play the same sound.
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    You cannot use both without downloading a mixer software. also due to the timings on both it will sound like in general you have no need to use both at the same time
  2. Okay can you tell me what the name of the mixer software would be? Aslong as it doesn't sound tooo bad I'll use it. I want to at least try it out nonetheless..
  3. You really arent understanding how shitty it will sound...there will be a noticeable delay that will sound like a really gay echo and will make everything virtually unlistenable-to. If you want more volume, buy a more powerful speaker setup
  4. Yeah I don't really have the money right now I'm looking for a quick right now solution. But thanks for answering my question anyway man.
  5. I still want to mess with it send me the name of the program will you? Por favor?

    It's seriously not worth it, and a hassle to do through software.

    It's one of those things, especially in your case that you just trust you shouldnt do. like putting your hand on a white hot piece of metal. if you don't know that it's hot, someone will stop you from hurting yourself in most cases....this is one of those things. not as dangerous as say hot metal, and well not dangerous at all besides you messing around with software. But it's one of those things you just don't do because it doesnt work right
  7. Lolol I see.... well thanks anyway man if it destroy's my 10,000 days by Tool jammin mood as you say it will, I consider my time wasted lolol. Thanks again regardless. =)
  8. Oh god...great music, but has lots of sharp notes and will actually destroy the crap out of it...think of every not having a slight after note, like 2 sources playing, but one is a quarter of a second behind....that's what you will run into
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