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Hello everyone!! I am new to this forum but I have found it to be very useful in lots of my google searches. The problem I have though seems to be a little more "rare" so I needed to make my own thread.

I have an external HDD western digital 1,5 TB and I have seperated it in 3 partitions. 1 partition is with bootable iso of windows 7, the other is a bootable iso of windows 8 (both working as bootable usb sticks) and the third is the main partition with files and stuff.

Recently I bought some new machinery for my company, and I had to format their hard drives and I wanted to do it using my external HDD and load Windows 7 on them. However, when I chose my external drive as a boot option from the BIOS, it automatically loads in windows 8 instalation.

What can I do to change the auto-choise or at least disable temporarely the windows 8 boot partition so it will only load the W7 one? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Aren't it simpler to copy the w7 iso to usb stick/drive and then boot from the usb stick in new computer?
  2. Well yeah... Thing is that I don't have a USB stick right now that I can delete enough space to do that...
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