Small business email archive/backup system?

Hi, Would appreciate any information here.

We have a very small business (my wife & I are separate freelancers) based in a home office with a desktop each & a NAS. Our email client is Thunderbird. I am increasingly concerned that our email is just accumulating & is (a) vulnerable & (b) presumably is taking PC resources.
At present, I periodically use Mozbackup to create a snapshot which I put on the NAS.

Are there any systems that allow email to be exported to a database (XML?) & remain searchable & accessible-ish?
We can't be alone in this situation.
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    Having lots of emails in the database shouldn't slow down anything but searches. I'd leave it in there.

    By memory, Thunderbird has an export option. Or you can just clone the Thunderbird directory of AppData using any backup program (ensure that this happens at night, when you're not using it).
  2. Thanks for taking the time to rteply.
    There is an export option but I've always used Mozbackup. I'll investigate.
    Cloning the profile is worth a look as I should be able to schedule it.
    The only thing about keeping the email in Thunderbird is that in 3 or 5 years time (Professional Indemnity period is 6 years) is "will Thunderbird still be around? will we be using it?" : I understand that the emails are locked into that profile? Whereas an external database would be readable regardless.
  3. You'll still be able to get copies of the old Thunderbird installers and executables.

    That said, I think development on thunderbird has basically stopped, and it's now been shifted to a project call Postbox. That's payware, though.
  4. Was unaware that Thunderbird had ground to a halt, though I'm not against paying if it brings benefits. Cheers.
  5. I think it's largely just security patches and bugfixes; no new features.
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